A Good partner with miner

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TemperatureCtrl was a good partner with miner. it will make your car long live and low noise. this version support 1 GPU only. multi-card version ready, provide for 1BTC. It was very tiny, Size is 11Kb. 

1. Control the fan's speed with AMD GPU card, make the GPU at the expect temperatur, After set the temperatur number, it will adjust fan automaticly.
2. Set the GPU & MEM clock frequence automaticly.
3. Display GPU Usage rate.
4. Platforme Require Windows


TemperatureCtrl with 5 Params:

1. Set the temperature, default: 76 dgree centigrade.
2. Hang miner temperture, Hang miner when GPU temperature higher than set number, and it will automaticly return miner afer temperature down. Default 80 dgree centigrade, Must be set
   Attention: Not active at this version.
3. Set the GPU clock frequence,Default 800M.
4. Set the MEM clock frequence, Default 300M.
5. Delay time,Default 240 seconds. Designed for automatic execute when system start, it will worke after N's.

for example:

1. Only set the gpu run temperatur with 70 degree Centigrade:
   TemperatureCtrl 70
2. Set the GPU & Mem with 900M & 500M base on example 1:
   TemperatureCtrl 70 80 900 500
   Attention: the 80 number was neccessary, even not actived in the release version.
3. All param maybe like: 
   TemperatureCtrl 70 80 900 500 240
   It mean thar GPU run under 70 dgree centigrade. 80 NA, set GPU to 900M, set MEM 500M, Work after 240s.

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